Audio Recordings from the Oakland General Strike


Stan Weir reminiscing about the Oakland General Strike, from The Virtual Aural/Oral History Archive at California State University Long Beach, in an interview for the Labor Activists section with Pat McCauly on December 5, 1990 (transcription of interview):

Go to the part that says "Stan Weir: Interview 3c, Segment 1. (Click here for access to the entire tape)," click on it and then click again on the alert box where it says "Play the Entire Tape."


"The Oakland General Strike of 1946," produced by the New American Movement and the Oakland Study Group. KPFA broadcast Nov. 29, 1976. North Hollywood, California: Pacifica Radio Archives. Interviews with first-hand participants in the strike in commemoration of the 30th anniversary.


Against the Grain (KPFA radio show, Berkeley CA)


7.24.07| Shutting it Down

Not one but two historic citywide general strikes, in San Francisco and Oakland, are among the events memorialized at this year's LaborFest. Labor historian Louis Prisco and the ILWU's Jack Heyman share insights into the massive San Francisco General Strike of 1934. The contours and impact of the 1946 Oakland General Strike are described by labor activist Gifford Hartman.


Against the Grain (KPFA radio show, Berkeley CA)

Mon 12.19.05| The Forgotten History of Oakland


Gertrude Stein famously said of Oakland, “there is no there there.” Scholar Chris Rhomberg would beg to differ; he's written a history of social movements in the East Bay metropolis that encompasses the rise of the Klan in the 1920s, the Oakland General Strike of 1946, and the explosion of the Black Panthers in the 1960s.

Go to this link and then click to either "Play the mp3 Stream" or to "Download this File (mp3)":

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