fly·ing pick·et [flahy-ing pik-it]

  1. A picket traveling from place to place to support local pickets, where needed, during any strike; the purpose is to combat all forms of class betrayal or collaboration by preventing scabs from crossing picket lines.
  2. Any means of extending solidarity or mutual aid to other working class people engaged in struggle; e.g. supporting an anti-eviction action, showing solidarity in helping homeless people defend a tent city, or preventing the privatization of “the commons.”
  3. It is based on the principle of working class solidarity that transcends all sectoral differences, regions and national borders; where all working class people see each other as equals (and in this process break down the divisions of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, nationalism, religion and all the ignorance-based oppressions that alienate human-from-human and humans from nature); that promotes direct action, the raising of class consciousness, and internationalism; which confirms that the liberation of working people will be the task of the workers themselves; finally, that the working class — through its self-negation — is the only revolutionary force capable of creating a classless society.
  4. The activities of a Flying Picket can best be summed up by this metaphor: Where we see the fire of class antagonism, we bring gasoline.